How to find BLISS in your marriage if you desire it.

Blissful, joyful, and peaceful marriage are the desires of most couples when starting a marriage. Still, it soon looks like an unrealistic, unachievable, and elusive goal because it is not easily accomplished, nor is it the reality of many married couples.

Marriage is a long conversation checkered by arguments, every couple will argue about so many things, and they may agree or disagree at many levels. Some people assume happy couples don’t argue or fight, and the teams that often argue or fight are unhappy. The reality is that what couples do before, during and after arguments and fights determines whether they are happy or not. A healthy marriage will have many fights, but they are called good fights. It is an environment where both spouses are free to express their opinion while caring for one another.

A healthy marriage will have many fights, but they are called good fights.

Bliss means happiness, enjoyment, thrill, cheerfulness, gladness, contentment, and delight. These are things money cannot buy; it is a decision and attitude that someone puts on even amid an unpleasant situation.

A blissful marriage is like paradise and heaven on earth, but it does not mean the marriage is free of trouble and fights. When couples go to war, they certainly will not have peace or bliss. Some couples fight each other and forget they are on the same side fighting the exact cause, but instead, they turn towards each other to row like an enemy. Couples who know how to fight and still are friends find bliss in their marriage.

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To have a blissful marriage requires you to want and desire it first. It is a goal that every couple must set and review every time. If it is a goal, couples must ask themselves these questions to monitor and evaluate their relationship.

1.We may have arguments but are we still together?

2. Are we still caring for each other?

3. Are we content with who we have married?

4. Do we have hatred and animosity towards each other?

Couples who know how to fight and still are friends find bliss in their marriage.

These are a few questions that can help couples realign their marriage goals, but sadly, many couples do not plan for these things. We assume love covers all, happiness will fall in place, and the relationship will be deepening. Unfortunately, we have seen many couples who were madly in love go their separate ways; if only love could sustain a marriage, that should never happen.

We must deliberately seek peace and pursue it, the bible tells us; we cannot leave it to chance. Many marriages are suffering because couples are letting things happen to them rather than make things happen. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect the same result. Many marriages thriving today have either passed through adversity, fought the good fight, and found respecting each other and putting plans in place to safeguard their marriages and ensure it worked. Many marriage authors have shared their experiences of overcoming adversities and then deciding to honour their marriage and spouse and have a strong marriage. For some people, they were on the threshold of divorce, yet they were able to restore their marriage; why? They decided to build and work to have a happy marriage.

Many marriages are suffering because couples are letting things happen to them rather than make things happen.

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To find bliss must be a conscious decision; it requires knowledge, skills and wisdom to navigate the troubled waters of a marital voyage. The sea of marriage is vast and wide, and the navigation and compass are unique to the couples. The storms will arise on the sea; surviving the storm depends on the pair and how prepared they are to shelter and patiently wait for the storm to be over. After the hurricane comes a bright sky, tranquil sea and paradise. What would you do when a storm arises in your marriage? Are you prepared to handle with care your spouse? 

Are you prepared to handle with care your spouse?

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