Are you ready! Marriage Expectation Versus Reality.

Marriage has the capacity to achieve the expectation given to it -a place of joy, unity and purpose. This is the place where your marriage and mine should be, a place of bliss and fulfilment. Many marriages have the potential to be great, if started on the right foundation and the couple involved, well equipped and trained for marriage. It’s a well-known fact that many couples started their marriages, not knowing what to expect but, we are very quick to send couples on marital voyage, hand them certificates way ahead of being prepared and ready to take on, one of the most important jobs on earth. Marriage is the only profession, being practised by people not adequately trained for it.

What marital bliss looks like is different and unique to each individual couple, but we all have something in common – humanity. For that reason, we need to correct the idea that, couples can survive marriage by making up rules as they go along. We basically have rules for all other aspects of life and are taught those rules deliberately. For instance, to drive a car, you must learn to drive and abide by the highway codes, else you will crash the car, hurt yourself and others.

Abi Apalara believes you cannot determine what will happen in your marriage, as each individual is unique, but surely you can prepare. Marriages in turmoil, homes destroyed, and lives ruined can be saved and restored from hurt by wisdom – “application of knowledge”. Marriages thriving today have proved, application of knowledge and wisdom is vital. Knowledge is power and this book is packed with knowledge you need to steer your marital boat in the right direction.

The nuggets, stories and experiences shared, will equip you to gain wisdom needed for a successful marriage. This book will help husbands and wives who are already married, to make necessary adjustments, to help fan the flame of love ablaze in their marriage. It will help singles to avoid the pitfalls, be well educated about marriage before committing to this lifelong journey. It is better to marry right from the beginning, than trying to make each other right when already married. There is a dire need to bring marriage education to the forefront and prepare the next generation for marital success. After all, healthy marriages, will produce healthy families and healthy families will result in healthy communities.

It is time to save marriages!